‘Chipoko Muimba Yekubikira’ at 2019 Women’s Exhibition – NGZ

Currently my work ‘Chipoko Muimba Yekubikira’ is shown at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare in the:

2019 Women’s Exhibition : #BalanceForBetter : Redesigning a Woman’s Space.

A ‘cut’ is unavoidable and essential for going through and across places. In order to get somewhere new we cut something out, remove and stop the no longer desirable.

A woman’s place used to be in the kitchen. I cut myself out of the kitchen. I exchanged pots with paint.

Cut! As independence ends in dependency, the golden cage is slowly losing it’s colour.
Cut! Only my ghost is left in the kitchen, like a wall. Cutting out the wallflower existence.
Cut! The pots are floating now, elegantly floating away from the kitchen fortress.

The cutting edge of a new era.